{Diabetes Management} I can finally upload our CGM to our Mac…and the angels sang!

by Leighann on October 6, 2014

Once again at our last endo appointment I voiced my frustration that they can’t easily download our insulin pump or CGM. You see, I was crunched for time that week and just didn’t have it in me to go through my daughter’s PDM day by day and write down all those numbers.

During our visit, our endo had the CDE download the CGM and come back with a ton of graphs for us to peruse. Based on those graphs, we made a few tweaks.

Having a meaningful way to look at our data is actually helpful, people.

Our endo said that in the coming months, hopefully by our next quarterly appointment, they might have Diasend in place for their clinical use. Diasend will allow them to import both our pump and CGM. But in the meantime she suggested I look into Diasend for patient use.

I did. And I was disappointed that neither our pump nor CGM could be downloaded (uploaded) in the patient portal. Though DexCom could be uploaded if you live anywhere in the world except the US. Ugh!

So I was surprised, not two weeks later, to see my friends talking on Facebook about uploading the Dex to Diasend.

Wait. What?

(And, hello Stacey and Kerri!)

I messaged Diasend to get a code to set up a patient account. (I will enter the endo’s clinic number when they are up and running.) I installed the uploader software. And I uploaded our Dex to our Mac.

I uploaded our Dex to our Mac.

And angels sang.

And I may or may not have promised to kiss no less than three people.

(If you are a Diasend employee and some random stranger comes up and kisses you…yeah, that would be me.)

Here are some not so pretty (but beautiful merely for the fact that they exist) graphs:

Standard Day


Box Plot/Modal


I’ve already faxed these graphs to the endo asking for advice about this brand new and frustrating post lunch crazy spike we’ve seen at school every day for the past week. It will be even better when the endo has access to our Diasend records and I don’t have to fax them, which is so 1980’s.

Diasend is free to use. Did I mention that? And it is compatible with lots of different BG meters, insulin pumps, and now CGM’s. And it works with both PC and Mac, which is the best news I’ve heard in a long time.

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1 Suzanne Simon October 6, 2014 at 9:59 am

Hooray! Have been waiting (and waiting…) for this day, too! Thank you so much for getting the word out!


2 Marit Loessl April 30, 2015 at 7:52 pm

So happy to read i could upload my sons CGM to my MAC. Tried years ago with his pump ,..but never worked.
Thank you for sharing.


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