{Disney with Diabetes} Pressed Pennies

by Leighann on August 21, 2012

Join me this week as I share some experiences traveling this summer with diabetes.

When I found out that we were going to go to the annual Children With Diabetes Friends For Life conference, I began planning a day at Disney.

Of course I took note of ideas on Pinterest. I saw someone use an empty Mini M&M’s tube to hold change for pressed pennies.

Q loves getting pressed pennies when we travel so I started looking for this candy just for the tube. I would eat the M&M’s in the interest of our trip. Well I couldn’t find them anywhere!

In a lightbulb moment I realized that an empty glucose tablet travel roll just might be big enough for quarters.

Q and I dumped the spare change cup onto the counter and began stacking “quarter, quarter, penny” until we had enough to fill the tube, which was 12 or thirteen sets.

Of course our day at Disney was going to be a surprise so I told Q that we would likely see a penny smashing machine somewhere as we did sightseeing.

Out of sight, I decorated the tube with Tinker Bell stickers true to the Disney theme.

It came in handy once again when the entire family visited the zoo later in the summer. I’m definitely keeping this glucose tablet container full of pennies and quarters for our family outings.

Have you ever repurposed a diabetes supply for something totally not diabetes related?

Disney Smashed PenniesDisney Smashed PenniesDisney Smashed Pennies

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