{Bookshelf} Even Superheroes Get Diabetes

by Leighann on September 16, 2010

Even Superheroes Get Diabetes

I have diabetes…type 1. My pancreas is supposed to help process the sugar in my body, and it doesn’t work right. So I need shots of something called “insulin.”

“Dad, can I still do everything?” I asked.

“Yes, my boy, you can still do everything,” he said.

“Even ride my bike, take snowboarding lessons, and have birthday cake?” I asked.

“Of course you can!” said Dad.

My daughter has been saving the world since the age of 3 when she decided to be “Super Q” for Halloween and created a super hero* based on her own secret identity. So of course she loves anything that combines diabetes and super heroes.

When Q was diagnosed, I looked at the local library and they didn’t have any books for children her age that had just been diagnosed. We’ve found a few since.

We recently received a review copy of Even Superheroes Get Diabetes.

This is the story of a little boy who fantasizes about being a superhero. One day he gets diagnosed with diabetes, spending a few days in the hospital before returning home to a life of finger pricks and injections. After a while he goes to see a special doctor who determines that the child has a very rare medical condition that actually gives him super powers. The two of them help diabetic children in need throughout the world.

I will caution this (and sorry, but it’s a spoiler): if your child does not have an insulin pump and you are not thinking seriously about getting one any time soon, this may not be the book for you. Kelvin gets his super powers when he gets his pump. This may be a downer for kids on MDI because they may feel that they can’t have super d-powers without having a pump.

The book may be more aptly titled “Even Kids with Diabetes Can Be Superheroes” because a super hero doesn’t get diabetes, he becomes a superhero after getting diabetes. Semantics.

The last line is hard for me to read every time. Just like the Rufus story still chokes me up after two years!

The book does a good job of representing a child getting sick and being diagnosed. The end of the book includes an illustration of how the pancreas works as well as a glossary of diabetes terms. Overall it’s a good book for children with diabetes (with the caveat about the pump) and my six-year-old superhero enjoys reading it.

From the publisher: “Kelvin is a boy who loves all things “Superhero”. He spends his playtime fighting off villains and other imaginary threats–always saving the day, of course. One day his fantasy world is interrupted by the reality of getting diabetes…the incessant finger pricks, shots, and the constant doctor’s appointments. A specialist doctor uncovers that Kelvin has superpowers. He is fitted with an insulin pump before taking a superhero oath as ‘Super K’. The story next reveals itself as the genesis of a new type of superhero–one who uses his superpowers to help kids with diabetes. This book empowers kids to find their own superpowers in the face of adversity.”

Purchase Even Superheroes Get Diabetes from my affiliate Barnes & Noble.

The author sent us a review copy of this book. Please read the disclosure statement. Opinions are my own.
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