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by Leighann on December 14, 2012

One thing that has been evident to us since beginning the continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is that Q has big post-breakfast blood sugar spikes. Sometimes she’ll go up to 300! We’ve done a few things to try to offset it, such as pre-bolusing for a portion of her breakfast up front, following up with a bolus for any carbs she ate over that amount (this is made super easy with an insulin pump).

Many breakfast foods are high in carbs and I began noticing that for her it wasn’t necessarily what she ate, but how many carbs there were. So I’ve begun limiting the number of morning carbs somewhat.

Cereal, no matter which kind you buy, is pretty high carb.

Q was really bummed when we learned of her tree nut allergy that she couldn’t eat her two favorite cereals, one of which had walnuts and the other had almonds. So I bought a few different cereals at the store which I thought she might like.

Our mornings run more smoothly if carb counting is easy. When I looked at the label of this new cereal, I decided that the standard serving size was too many carbs. I figured out the weight of a 30 carb portion and divided it up right upon opening the box. (I do this with most of our snack foods, tubs of yogurt, etc.)

I divided 30 carbs (the carbs I wanted) by 46 carbs (the carbs in a serving) and then multiplied by the serving size 55 g wt to find out how much my 30 carb portion would weigh: 36 g wt.



I weighed out individual portions into small bowls that have lids and then used a dry erase marker to write the carbs for that serving. No thinking in the morning!

Another trick if you don’t want to portion it out is to write the serving size and number of carbs right on the box.

The box says it has five servings, but I was able to get eight.* Money savings, FTW!


*I did get eight servings, but the kids each wanted a bowl right then because the dried strawberries looked so yummy.

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1 Billie Wozniak December 14, 2012 at 8:30 am

My T1D daughter loves cereal too. We use the CGM as well and notice she can have more cereal with less of a bg spike if she eats her little sausage party first.


2 Nici December 14, 2012 at 1:41 pm

Have you tried substituting unsweetened almond milk for the cow’s milk? It has hardly any carbs and something like 40 calories in a 1 cup serving. I like the vanilla one.

I had given up on eating cereal until I discovered almond milk. My post prandial numbers are much more predictable after the substitution.

I wrote about my almond milk discovery a while back on my (now defunct) blog: http://typeoneandttc.wordpress.com/2010/09/18/let-them-eat-cereal/


3 Leighann January 29, 2013 at 10:36 am

Unfortunately she can’t have tree nuts, but we’re experimenting with other alternate milks. Thanks for the link!


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