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by Leighann on July 6, 2012

Cracker Jack

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Q went to a birthday party and one of the items in the goody bag was a box of Cracker Jack. She asked to have it for dessert the next day. A quick glance at the nutrition label, and I told her to give me a minute so that I could weigh out a serving.

I’m glad I did a double take because the package was actually a bit confusing. It said that the serving size was 1 package and there were 3 servings per container. Is the package the same as a container?

The box was small and surely there weren’t three 23 carb servings in that little box.

I flipped the box over to the front where it said that there were 3 boxes – 1 oz. each with a total weight of 3 oz.


I popped over to my CalorieKing iPhone appicon and typed in Cracker Jack and saw that a 1 oz. serving was indeed 23 carbs.

To me, if there is an individual box which is one serving, then it shouldn’t say there are three servings. I know it’s semantics, but when it comes to counting carbs, we need labels to be clear and specific so that we give our kids the right amount of insulin.

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