Lauren’s Hope Medical Identification Bracelet

by Leighann on August 15, 2011

Lauren's Hope Medical ID

I attached a hook to the door of the cabinet where we keep d-supplies. When her bracelets are taken off they are put into the bags so we can always find them.

When Q was diagnosed with diabetes she was almost always with a parent or grandparent in those first few months. But we realized as the school year approached again that she was going to be spending time away from us and she needed identification that provided her name, condition, and contact phone numbers.

Our pediatrician gave us a brochure for Lauren’s Hope and after making a tough decision as to which style, we ordered our first bracelet.

The following Valentine’s Day I ordered another for her that says “hugs” and “kisses” on the beads.

These bracelets have withstood being four and five and six and now seven years old! She wears one daily. Every time she leaves the house she has one on. (With the exception of sports practices when she wears a Custom 3D band.) Sadly I misplaced that very first bracelet when I took it off of her and lost it amongst eight soccer fields!

She gets so many compliments from people on her pretty bracelets and most people do so without realizing it’s a medical ID. (But Q quickly tells them “I have diabetes.”) And every time someone asks me for a recommendation for an engraved medical ID, I always send them the link to Lauren’s Hope.

The company sent us a summery new style that is very, very cute! The April Showers bracelet has delicate little flowers and colorful beads. We chose the purple caduceus for the medical alert symbol. When picking it out, I forgot to add the rings to the tag which I think make it easier to clasp and unclasp.

You can see from these pictures how sweet it is!

Lauren's Hope BraceletLauren's Hope Bracelet


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Disclosure: Lauren’s Hope provided me with a bracelet for review consideration though we have spent our own money purchasing them from their company in the past. Monetary compensation was not received for this post and opinions are my own. Please read my disclosure statement. Lauren’s Hope is a current advertiser.

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