Grandma’s Girl

by Leighann on May 12, 2010

On the day of my daughter’s diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, my husband and I were at her preschool during the noon hour taking our turn cleaning. The phone rang and our pediatrician instructed us to go to the hospital down the street for an additional test and meet her at her office across town. We had dropped off a urine sample that morning and she said they had found sugar.

My mother, the kids’ grandmother, was at our home watching our son who was just two weeks shy of turning one. She took on the role of caregiver for both of our children so that I did not have to put them in full-time childcare when returning to work after maternity leave.

I called home to say what was going on and called again after the diagnosis was confirmed in the pediatrician’s office. I followed the statement with “We’re going to St. Louis.”

I didn’t have to ask her to watch our son for us that weekend or tell her when we thought we would return. I didn’t have to give her instructions for his care or tell her where to find this or that in the house for him.

We always say that we are thankful for the support system that was already in place that allowed us to act quickly and take our daughter to a Children’s Hospital 200 miles away on a moment’s notice.

Over the next few weeks she learned to count, weigh, and measure. She learned how to figure out corrections and boluses. And she learned to give injections.

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