Halloween Candy Swap

by Leighann on October 31, 2010

So your little ghouls got quite the haul of Halloween candy. You’ve decided how much of it you will actually allow them to eat over the next week. And, yes, you are tempted by it yourself, but really shouldn’t sneak into the candy bowl after the kids are in bed.

I’ve got options for you!

Do your kids want cold hard cash?

Halloween Candy Buyback is part of Operation Gratitude. Your kids can get cash for each pound of candy they turn in at dentist and orthodontist offices throughout the country. The candy gets repackaged and sent overseas to soldiers to enjoy a little Halloween goodness. Visit their website to see if there is a location near you. (Unfortunately they don’t list dates and times and you will probably have to call the local dentist’s office.)

Maybe you want dinner out.

Noodles & Company is helping with the “Candy Coma.” When kids 12 and under bring in their remaining candy stash to their stores on Sunday, November 7th, they will receive one free noodle bowl. Yum! (And mama doesn’t have to cook!)

And don’t forget the nutrition information before you go. Last time we were there they did have info available for us.

NoodlesImage from the company.

Halloween Candy Fairy?

I’ve heard a lot of parents (and not just parents of children with diabetes) say they are encouraging their kids to leave the candy on the front step tonight and await a visit from the Halloween Fairy. Sounds a little Great Pumpkin to me, but I guess it’s better than a bag of rocks! I did purchase a Halloween-themed Littlest Pet Shop for Q that she can have, but I don’t know that I’ll swap it with her for candy.

Buy It Back Yourself

I’m not sure what the fair market value of candy is these days. Maybe a penny per piece? Nickel?

Do you know of any other companies who are swapping candy this year?

Read all of my writing on Halloween. I have lots of strategies and suggestions.

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1 Jamie November 2, 2010 at 2:01 pm

I only recently heard of Operation Gratitude, but wish I knew about it earlier. That bowl of candy has been staring me down all week!


2 shannon November 4, 2010 at 2:28 pm

We went to Noodles last week and they had a sign up for the swap on Sunday. We’ll be heading back then. My kid already loves eating there because they have their carb amounts readily available AND they serve Minute Maid Light. Whoo!


3 Leighann November 5, 2010 at 8:03 pm

Great tip on the Minute Maid Light! Target cafes also have it.


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