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by Leighann on October 28, 2013

Halloween With DiabetesDon’t get spooked just thinking about Halloween. Your kid with diabetes (and/or food allergies) can definitely haunt the neighborhood and indulge in treats. Join me, leading up to Halloween, as I share some ideas and experiences with All Hallow’s Eve.

We’re dealing with food allergies and diabetes this year. Here are a few treats we found, some of which are nut-free and even gluten-free. Read Treat Finds.

We have a few strategies for making Halloween less about diabetes and more about the fun. Head on over to Diabetes Mine where I wrote a guest post. Read Tricks For Treats.

Did you happen to read the article Enjoying Halloween When You Have Diabetes in the October issue of the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Forecast Magazine a couple of years ago? I offer a few tips there as well.

Did you rise to the challenge of making Halloween decorations with your used OmniPods or other medical waste? Read how you can make Spooky sPODers and PUMP-kins.

Need to know carb counts of the Halloween haul? I have a list of common candies by size and weight. Information includes links to the manufactures’ websites. The ADA also has a printable list of Halloween candy.

And don’t throw out all that candy, save the high sugar candies such as Smarties and Skittles for treating low blood sugar. Did you know that Smarties and glucose tabs have the same first ingredient dextrose?

Looking for a very low carb, fun treat to make with the kids? Try out my 2-Carb “Candy Corn.”

I’ll be paying much more attention to Q’s blood sugar as we make our round of the neighborhood this year. Read what happened last year: Where Are The Sour Patch Kids When You Need Them?

Here’s how I divvied up the candy last year when we got home: Halloween Haul (with nut free guide)

Happy Haunting!

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