{Halloween} Where Are The Sour Patch Kids When You Need Them?

by Leighann on November 8, 2012

So, of course we went out trick-or-treating on Halloween. We made a big circle of the neighborhood and we were about 3/4’s of the way back to our house where we would decide to stay out longer or come inside.

Let me back up to earlier that morning. Q’s CGM sensor had been spot on for a good long time but during the night it started going wonky (yes, that’s the official medical term). I took that sucker off when it woke me up saying she was low when in reality she was in the mid 100’s. In the morning I asked Q if she wanted me to put on a new sensor or if she wanted to wait until after school.

Since starting the DexCom she has worn it every single day except the week she was at diabetes camp. It’s been her choice to immediately put on a new sensor each time even though I sometimes offer her to go without it for a day.

To my surprise she wanted to wait. She wanted me to put on the new one that night while she was sleeping.

That evening we had an early dinner and I bolused for her dinner. She was at a decent in range number.

We met up with cousins and covered a decent amount of ground. Q, along with the other kids, were excited and chatting and enjoying the night.

She was acting completely normal.

And then she said, “I think I feel low.”

I told her to go ahead up to the house we were in front of and we would stop at the next one because it was better lit. She asked if she could have the Sour Patch Kids if she was low. She sat in the driveway and I pulled out her PDM to test her.

I was incredibly surprised to see the number that popped up.

Halloween Low Blood Sugar

Q said, “Wow, that’s my second lowest low.”

I had her drink a juice box and of course she didn’t want to sit still. I told my husband to have the kids go on ahead and we would catch up. I got her to sit for just a couple of minutes in this stranger’s driveway but she was up and walking toward his door. While I had been waiting on the sidewalk at each house, I walked to the door this time. As she got her candy I looked over to her and she looked just a bit off.

I asked, “Are you feeling okay now?” And the man said, “Is she okay?”

Q said she was, but she clearly wasn’t quite yet. I asked if the man could throw away the empty juice box and he looked at me like it was a very bizarre request. I just didn’t want to carry around an empty juice box. I muttered, “low blood sugar” and Q said “thank you” and she was already beginning to walk to the next house.

We stopped again to check her blood sugar, which was still low. She ate the Sour Patch Kids as she went to the next two houses. We were almost home at this point and called it a night.

What’s the moral of this story?

That I should listen to my own advice. Every time I give tips for Halloween with diabetes I say to check blood sugars often. It’s just strange that she was walking, chatting, skipping, and the next thing…pow…she’s 38!

And maybe we’ve really come to rely on the early warning of the CGM to catch lows before they get that crazy low.

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1 christina November 8, 2012 at 12:44 pm

hate hate hate the sneaky lows. Each time we get a sneaky low it is conjunction with an activity that seems to also produce adrenaline (field trip excitement, halloween, Christmas morning, theme parks, etc) I think the natural low alerts are drown out by the adrenaline highs. I wish we had CGMs – and I wish I always followed my instincts of test first and often during exciting times. great post.


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