Happy Pump Anniversary!

by Leighann on November 8, 2010

Without realizing it we passed our first anniversary of the insulin pump. I remember it was right around Halloween, give or take a few days.

Multiple daily injections (MDI) have become a distant memory. In fact we have only given one injection by syringe in this year and that was due to a high blood sugar that didn’t come down with a bolus by pump.

Here is the video of Q’s first meal with the pump. Yes, she’s a little fidgety. That’s what driving 400 miles round trip in one day to see the endocrinologist does to a five-year-old! It’s amazing how much she has grown and matured in just this past year (which has everything to do with being six and nothing to do with diabetes).

So in the past year with the insulin pump, we have avoided:

1,095 injections by pen needle

365 injections by syringe

This has been replaced by about 130 insulin pump insertions.

Would we go back to MDI? Only if you drug us kicking and screaming. And I’m saying that from a caretaker perspective.

Me: Q, do you like having an insulin pump?

Q: (Thumbs up.)

Me: Why?

Q: Because I don’t have to get shots.

Me: Would you like to go back to having injections?

Q: No. (Thumbs down.)

Me: What is better about the pump over injections?

Q: I can eat cake and I had to get a shot for cake before and now mom can give me insulin through my pod.

There you have it folks, it’s all about the cake.

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1 Carrie November 8, 2010 at 8:36 am

We have the Ping but we LOVE it. I would only go back kicking and screaming also. Megan loves the freedom that it has given her.


2 ann Canfield November 8, 2010 at 9:39 am

I find your web site very interesting. I have a seven year old grandaughter with type one diabetes. I try to learn everything I can to make things easier for her.


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