{HFCS-Free Day 2012} Our Experience

by Leighann on August 31, 2012

HFCS-Free Day 2012I proclaimed August 25, 2012 to be HFCS-Free Day after seeing a photo of the Corn Refiners Association’s booth at the recent American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) annual meetings.

I should have looked at our calendar a little more closely when choosing the date because we had soccer and a birthday party!

Because it was such a busy day for our family, I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked to.

How did we fare?

I think we actually managed to avoid high fructose corn syrup for the day. It was pretty easy when grabbing food from our pantry and fridge because I’m normally pretty aware of it when I’m at the store. (Though there are a couple of convenience items that we buy that have HFCS that I am looking to replace.)

Breakfast was easy. The kids’ vitamins I choose because they have no artificial colors or flavors. So of course those are HFCS-free, too. Since it was a Saturday, breakfast was really late and Q opted for guacamole and blue corn tortilla chips. I have recently found these pouches of guacamole that are an individual serving. They can even be frozen!

My morning coffee always includes half and half and Sugar in the Raw. Flavored creamers often contain HFCS.

HFCS-Free Day 2012HFCS-Free Day 2012HFCS-Free Day 2012

We were so busy cleaning and organizing and getting ready for soccer and the party that my husband suggested fast food for lunch. I quickly said, “Oh no you don’t!” because it would require me going to the website and looking at ingredient lists to make sure we weren’t getting HFCS.

Since he needed to pop into the store for a few party supplies anyway, he grabbed a roasted chicken, some King’s Hawaiian rolls, and deli cheese for lunch.

We were going to get Little Caesar’s Pizza for the party, but their website doesn’t list ingredients. If there is any HFCS, it would probably be in the sauce. Several people on Facebook said they didn’t think it had that ingredient. Since he was already going to the store, he purchased frozen pizzas which were on sale. We also served ice cream cups (these cost more, but are so convenient for parties) and a pink guitar-shaped cake made by my parents for our pop star themed party.

No HFCS for us. How did you fare? Were you able to shun it for the day? Did you talk with your kids about making healthy food choices?

If you blogged about it, please let us know!

And a recent study of note:

The American Diabetes Association Diabetes Care reported on this study Moderate Amounts of Fructose Consumption Impair Insulin Sensitivity in Healthy Young Men this month. Their conclusion:

“This study clearly shows that moderate amounts of fructose and sucrose significantly alter hepatic insulin sensitivity and lipid metabolism compared with similar amounts of glucose.”

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1 katy September 1, 2012 at 11:23 pm

Your creamy cup of coffee looks so good to me right now.

I don’t think we have HFCS things at home, but now I’m noticing this phrase: cane syrup crystals. This is annoying. This is one step beyond even “dehydrated cane syrup.” SAY SUGAR!


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