Holiday Decorating With Medical Waste

by Leighann on December 7, 2009

Alternate title: How to turn your used OmniPod’s into Christmas tree ornaments.

OmniPod Ornament
Daily care of diabetes creates a ton of waste. Between test strips, lancets, syringes, empty vials, and more, I think a diabetic could fill a landfill in her lifetime. Hardly any of these items can be recycled and it’s even difficult to responsibly dispose of used items, particularly syringes. (Our local hospital recently began a free program to provide sharps containers and collect them for disposal.)

Now that we are using the OmniPod insulin pump, our medical waste has changed, yet there is still a lot of stuff to get rid of.

I plan on enrolling in their Eco-Pod Program, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. So we have a box of used pods. What to do, what to do?

I was inspired when I saw what Lorraine, the author of This is Caleb, did last Christmas with some of her son’s used pods: she made tree ornaments!

Since my daughter is always in the mood for crafting, I asked if this is something she would like to do. She said she would like to decorate the little tree that adorns her room with pod decorations.

Anything to make diabetes fun, right?

I spent $8.08 at the craft store on supplies, but honestly, this could be done for less. Maybe even for free if you have appropriate supplies laying around the house.

OmniPod Tree Ornaments

Used pods
Adhesive-backed felt or foam

1. Remove the adhesive and snip the cannula from the back of the pods.
2. Trace the outline of the pod on the felt or foam, which will be used for backing. Cut them out just inside the lines you’ve traced. I found it easier to use a thin Sharpie and trace the felt side (not the adhesive side).
3. Cut equal lengths of ribbon, loop the ribbons to create an ornament hanger, and use a small piece of tape to hold in place.
4. Cover the back of the pod, including the ribbon, with the adhesive-backed felt.
5. Decorate the front of the pods with festive stickers.
6. Hang on your tree and admire.

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