Holiday Gifts For Kids With Type 1 Diabetes

by Leighann on November 27, 2017

Summary: Looking for a special holiday gift for a kid with type 1 diabetes? We’ve gathered our list of favorites from funny to practical and everything in between. This year we include ideas from I Heart Guts, The Sugars, American Girl, Pump Peelz, Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Bracelets, Vera Bradley, Sugar Medical Supply, and Jerry the Bear.

Gift Guide For T1D Kids

While I think the holidays should be all about the holidays and not about diabetes, there are a few diabetes-related items that might be fun gifts.

My thought is that any diabetes-related gift shouldn’t replace a gift that they would otherwise get. For instance, if your non-d-kid gets 5 toys and your d-kid gets 4 toys and a diabetes gift, well that’s kind of a punishment for having a busted pancreas. But since some of these are high ticket items, the holidays might be a good time to give them.

(Note: a few of the links are affiliate links. Most are not.)

(Another note: when I shop online, I make sure to take advantage of eBates. They have a web browser tool that will pop up whenever you are shopping at a store that gives cash back. If you haven’t signed up for eBates, I highly recommend it. If you use my friend link to sign up, we’ll both get an extra reward.)

I Heart Guts

Our kids might not have fully functioning pancreii (pancreases?), but they might love this huggable organ. I Heart Guts makes several pancreas themed items including magnets and lapel pens and this little guy.

If they don’t want to hug it, maybe they would like to throw it across the room when diabetes isn’t cooperating. Just a thought.

Visit the I Heart Guts website and use code GIFTS4T1DKIDS for 20% off anything pancreas-related through Christmas Day.

I Heart Guts Pancreas Plush

Funny Diabetes T-Shirts

We have always found that diabetes is easier to manage with a little humor and we think the t-shirts from The Sugar Shop are absolutely hilarious. We shared a few of our favorites a few months ago. Though Q’s top pick is the “A Zombie Ate My Pancreas” shirt, we are loving the two holiday themed shirts just added to their store.

Who needs an ugly Christmas sweater when you can wear a shirt that says “The Grinch Stole My Pancreas” or “My Pancreas Got Run Over By A Reindeer.”

Visit The Sugar Shop website.

Grinch Pancreas T-Shirt

Pancreas Reindeer T-shirt

American Girl

Like many other girls (and boys), Q loved playing with American Girl dolls and found it fun to accessorize them to give them their own personalities. In the last few years American Girl has really upped their inclusivity game by adding dolls and accessories for various medical conditions.

We love the American Girl Diabetes Care Kit. It has so many little details and it’s so awesome that they can now wear a medical alert bracelet, check their blood sugar, and even wear an insulin pump.

See the Diabetes Care Kit on the American Girl website.

American Girl Diabetes Care Kit

Pump Peelz

We just ordered a set of Pump Peelz for Q’s Dexcom transmitter, Dexcom receiver, and Omnipod PDM. She can’t wait to receive them and personalize her diabetes devices. She found so many styles that she liked; her favorites were comic explosion, pop art, and fireworks.

Pump Peelz makes eco-friendly, removable stickers to customize a variety of diabetes devices.

Visit the Pump Peelz website and use code “D-Mom Blog” for 10% off your purchase.

Pump Peelz Pop Art

Lauren’s Hope

Since Q was diagnosed, we’ve always ordered Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Jewelry to make sure that in case of an emergency, responders would know that she has type 1 diabetes. We love Lauren’s Hope because they have so many great styles to choose from and they don’t look “medical.”

This school year, Q is wearing the Alex bracelet with the Guardian Angel tag. She also chose the Antique Mandala necklace as an alternative to wearing a bracelet.

Visit the Lauren’s Hope website. Readers can use the code DMOM for 10% off their order.

Vera Bradley

We are always on the hunt for a good supply bag for all that we schlep. For quite some time we used a Very Bradley purse as our supply bag and Q got compliments on it all the time.

For tweens and teens who need to carry some of their supplies at school without looking too conspicuous, the Vera Bradley crossbody bags such as the Hipster are popular among girls we know. (Some schools don’t allow girls to carry purses, but do allow d-kids to carry one to keep their supplies at hand.)

Visit the Vera Bradley website.

Vera Bradley Hipster

Sugar Medical Supply

Q carries her insulin pump PDM/meter, extra test strips, lancets, and insulin in a Sugar Medical Supply pouch. She likes color and pattern over the boring black pouches that come with most meters

All the cool kids are wearing sling backpacks these days. (I’m not sure if that’s actually true, LOL, but lots of kids wear sling backpacks.) Q has been using one of the new sling backpacks from Sugar Medical Supply this school year as her pump supply bag.

Visit the Sugar Medical Supply website.

Sugar Medical Peak Backpack

Jerry the Bear

Q and I met Hannah and the gang at Friends For Life a few summers ago. We’ve been big cheerleaders as Jerry has evolved since its conception.

Jerry the Bear with diabetes is wonderful for younger, recently diagnosed kiddos. Personally, I feel that role play is a great way for kids to express themselves.

And Q’s brother actually played with it even more than she did! It’s great for siblings to help them understand what their brother or sister needs to do to manage their diabetes.

We are so glad to see the price of Jerry the Bear come down since it was first launched because it’s accessible to more and more kids with diabetes. It’s currently priced at $55.

See Jerry in action on the Jerry the Bear website.

Beyond Type 1 has a Give-A-Bear program to help kids with diabetes get a Jerry if their family can’t afford it.

Jerry the Bear

Blog Posts We’ve Written About Some Of These Products

American Girl Diabetes Care Kit {and Interview!}

Funny Diabetes T-Shirts From the Sugar Shop for Your T1D

Discount Codes

Pump Peelz: Use code “D-Mom Blog” for 10% off on their website.

Lauren’s Hope: Use code “DMOM” for 10% off on their website.

I Heart Guts: Use code “GIFTS4T1DKIDS” for 20% off anything pancreas-related through December 25, 2017.

All images are courtesy the company they represent.

Disclosure: I have an affiliate relationship with some of these companies and have received free products for review consideration from a few of these companies. If it’s a product we use, I’m including it because we really do like it. But please don’t consider product mentions as endorsements. I’m not receiving any financial compensation directly from the companies for their inclusion here. Please read my disclosure statement.

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1 Kristina November 24, 2014 at 8:54 am

Great list, Leighann! Our daughter, Isabella, has the iheartguts pancreas pillow and she LOVES it! She sleeps with it every day…wouldn’t it be great if it was actually functioning overnight? 😉 Here’s a pic of her with it:


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