{Holidays} Advent Calendar Redux

by Leighann on December 3, 2012

Join me for a week of holiday-inspired posts!

The past few years I purchased a $2 Advent calendar at Walgreens filled with tiny chocolates that were so few in carbs I didn’t even have to bolus for them.

Right after Halloween this year I grabbed one for each kid and it wasn’t until I got home that I read the label.

Though the chocolates don’t have tree nuts in them, they are manufactured in a facility with tree nuts. Stupid nut allergy!

Q and I looked at several stores for a wooden reusable advent calendar that I could fill with our own treats, but they were all pretty junky despite $30 price tags.

Then Q saw a Playmobil Advent calendar in the toy section at Barnes & Noble. I didn’t buy it at the time even though she said she really wanted it. I assumed it was crazy expensive like the Lego one my son talked me in to. When my son and I went to Barnes & Noble the next week I noticed that the Playmobil ones were $20. We picked it up and surprised her with it.

Playmobil Advent CalendarPlaymobil Advent Calendar

Cool Mom Picks has a roundup of printable Advent calendars, most of which are free.

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1 Sarah Ann Noel December 3, 2012 at 3:31 pm

This is our first year doing an Advent calendar as a little family–our oldest was only 9 months last Christmas. This year we made a calendar, but I like the idea of finding what our little one likes over the years! Thanks for the extra reading to help my research! 🙂

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