Diabetics on Ice

by Leighann on December 13, 2010

I had roller skates attached to my feet nonstop as a child. If I wasn’t at the roller rink, I was skating outside. It was my life for years.

I didn’t ice skate as much, but it’s like riding a bike for me. I can hold my own. Just don’t ask me to cross over left to right!

It’s no wonder that Q loves skating. It’s in her blood. She took ice skating lessons last winter and will do the same this year. She and I went ice skating today and I tried to tell her to take it easy, that she needed to ease into it since it’s been a while since we’ve been on the ice.

No, not her. She was off like a shot. I was skating fast and she was skating faster. Her feet just kept going in perpetual motion. Lap after lap.

She took quite a few spills, but as quick as she went down, she was up and going again just as fast. “Slow and steady” were suggestions she did not want to take from me.

Normally during lessons, we keep her diabetes supplies with us as we watch. But today I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them since we’d both be skating. When we go places I usually carry her “pump bag,” a small purse that holds her OmniPod PDM, juice box, Smarties, Glucagon, etc. I didn’t want to carry it today for fear that if I fell the PDM would break. (For the record I did not fall once today. Thankyouverymuch.)

I decided to get a locker for my tote bag that I carry when I take the kids anywhere. In it were extra layers, warmer gloves, and our snacks.

I stopped at the customer service desk and asked if I could keep her pump bag there. I figured that if I needed it quickly I could get to it. Or if I asked a rink guard to grab the brown floral purse they could find it. It sat on the counter and we retrieved it during our snack break and again when we left. This worked out well for us I think.

Here’s my tip: I pack Swiss Miss Diet Hot Cocoa when we go skating. It’s only 4 carbs. Of course I am happy to pay for hot cocoa if they had sugar free, but most places don’t sell it. And good luck guessing how many carbs are in real hot chocolate because it can vary widely. I bought my own hot cocoa and asked for a cup of hot water. They were happy to oblige at no cost.

We had so much fun, except for the fact that she totally left me skating alone when she found some friends, that I plan on taking her to public skating hours often this winter in addition to her lessons. I feel like we already do too much (dance, gymnastics, Girl Scouts, and we are thinking about a children’s choir), but that girl is good on skates!

Here is video taken at one of her first lessons last year:

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1 Wendy December 13, 2010 at 3:44 pm

Very cool video 🙂 She is quite a little skater….doing circles around everyone else picking up those cones!

Congrats on a successful outing with no falls, btw. I’m not sure I could say the same!


2 Linda December 13, 2010 at 4:27 pm

That’s great that Q really enjoys ice skating; I understand where you are coming from with all the activities that Tyler does. As long as Tyler enjoys them and wants to do them; I’m ok with all of them; but I do ask him from time to time to find out whether his interests have changed and if he no longer wants to do one anymore. He once told me that when it starts feeling like work instead of fun; it’s time for a new activity!
Congrats on not falling down….I’m sure I would not be as graceful!


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