Another iPhone Compatible Gadget, Just Not a Blood Glucose Meter

by Leighann on January 14, 2011

iPhone Blood Pressure Cuff

CES in Las Vegas each January marks the launch of lots of new tech products. One company, Withings, announced a blood pressure cuff that plugs into your iPhone.

Says Withings co-founder Cédric Hutchings: “Apple revolutionized the world of smartphones by making them more user-friendly than ever before. By adding connectivity to high-tech devices, we simplify their usage and enrich them with extra services. Our goal is to take the drama out of using devices that can promote healthier lifestyles for all.”

Wouldn’t that be nice to “take the drama out of using devices (such as blood glucose meters) that can promote healthier lifestyles?”

Today I was once again online pricing PC’s. Do I need to buy a new computer?

No. I am perfectly happy with my iMac and Macbook. But as we all know, I’m a Mac and diabetes is a PC.

I have so many other things to spend my money (that I don’t have) on.

But the insulin pump and blood glucose meter we use are not Mac-compatible and I really want to download our data. Really.

Seriously, Abbott and OmniPod. I’m literally tired of logging by hand and then entering page after page of numbers bleary-eyed into Excel to fax to our endo’s office.

I want graphs that might show me patterns.

And I don’t really want to switch the type of insulin pump or blood glucose meter we use.

You are being short-sighted.

So my question is: Why do we keep seeing innovation and Mac-integration and products being brought to market in every area except diabetes?

What do we want?


When do we want it?


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