Kids First, Diabetes Second…in bookstores!

by Leighann on September 23, 2013

Kids First, Diabetes Second Book

Q and I were out and about and she asked to pop in a bookstore to get the 4th Harry Potter book and to take some time browsing. We stopped in the diabetes section to see if my book Kids First, Diabetes Second was in stock…and the answer was yes!

I know when Q was first diagnosed I looked at the library and at bookstores and didn’t really find any good resources beyond what we were given in the hospital. I’m thankful to my local Barnes & Noble for not only carrying my book in their store, but having several copies on hand and facing it outward so it’s easy to spot.

If you have read Kids First, Diabetes Second and found it to be valuable, please take a few moments to leave a review on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, or any other online store where you browse for books. Positive reviews help spread the word about the book and help others to find it.



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