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by Leighann on October 30, 2012

Kids First Diabetes Second BookReviews

Eat Healthy, Live Well

Hope says about Kids First, Diabetes Second: “It’s a from the heart, hands-on guidebook for parents of kids newly diagnosed with diabetes or for those who’ve been at it for some years. As Leighann says, there’s always more to learn and another tip or two to pick up along the way. It’s a book for parents of kids with diabetes, grandparents and other caregivers in a child’s life. DHCPs should also pick up a copy. We can all gain insights about the day to day realities of managing a child with type 1 diabetes.”

Read the interview on the Eat Healthy, Live Well website.

One Happy Mama

Kristina says: “Leighann’s book was so wonderful…One of the things I loved about the book was that Leighann just laid it all out there so simply…I think it’s that helpful, positive tone of the book that I appreciated the most. It was encouraging and it was nice to read from another Mom who has “been there-done that” and has found some useful tips for us other parents. Sure, we all have to travel on this journey the best way we see fit for our child, but I love how Leighann SHARES what she knows. I think it’s that education and that sharing of information that really comforts those who are going through it all. We know others are with us, have experienced what we are going through and can relate. We truly are NOT alone.”

Read the entire review on One Happy Mama.

Other Places You’ll Find Me

What’s on Your Tray? Hope Warshaw interviewed me and other parents about school lunches for Sanofi’s The DX website.

Read What’s on Your Tray?

What’s in Your Lunch Box? In part two, Hope talks about actually packing lunches for T1 kiddos. I offer up a few of my tips.

Read What’s in Your Lunch Box?


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Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about the book, you can read more on the Kids First, Diabetes Second book page. And if you do read it and find it to be a valuable resource, I would greatly appreciate if you could write a review on any of the online retail sites. Thanks!

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