{Mom Tested} LeapFrog LeapPad

by Leighann on October 22, 2011

Yes, I’m already thinking about the holidays. I’m making a list and checking it twice. In the coming months I have a few great products to tell you about and some awesome giveaways!

Disclosure: LeapFrog gave our family the LeapPad to test out before it was available to the public. We are longtime customers of the company.


Our family’s love affair with LeapFrog began when my daughter was one and she received the Fridge Phonics as a gift. Both of my kids quickly learned their letters and the sounds that each makes. This was reinforced by the LeapFrog videos, which keep getting better and better.

In fact when I was asked this past week for a recommendation for a preschooler who was a little behind on learning the letters and their sounds, I recommended LeapFrog.

My kids both have a LeapFrog Explorer, which comes in handy on long trips. (You know, those 200 mile trips to the endocrinologist!) They love the touch screen because it is similar to what they are used to on my iPhone. When the Explorer came out, I was in awe of the improvement in the graphics.

And LeapFrog has outdone themselves again with their newest gaming device for the preschool and elementary school set: LeapPad.

While my kids love playing on my iPhone, they love the large screen of our iPad even more. The LeapPad is to the Leapster Explorer what the iPad is to the iPhone: It’s BIG!

It takes all the good qualities of the Explorer and pumps it up a notch in this new tablet for kids.

I love that the Leapter Explorer games are fully compatible with the LeapPad and that any apps I’ve already purchased can be added to both devices.

The negative is that some of the cartridge games are a little pricey. But my kids actually love the relatively inexpensive apps as much as the more expensive cartridge games.

My son’s favorite game on the Explorer is Jewel Train and he was very excited that his LeapPad has Jewel Train 2.

One of my daughter’s favorite activities is using the built in video camera to make videos of the family.

I like that the LeapFrog videos featuring Tad and his siblings are available. I also like the Ultra eBooks which are “interactive cinematic reading experiences designed to guide children through the story and develop essential skills and a whole new love of reading.”

And of course parents can track each child’s progress online at the Learning Path.

Mommy can finally have her iPad back. Plus I’m not constantly worried that they are going to drop it and break it!


  • Large color screen with great resolution
  • Built-in camera for pictures and video
  • Compatible with Leapster Explorer apps and cartridges
  • Stylus is connected with a tether and there is an extra stylus in the box
  • Multiple profiles which can be customized with backgrounds and the child’s photo
  • Motion-based apps (accelerometer like the iPad has)
  • Can use rechargeable batteries!
  • Lots of genres of games/apps including mathematics, reading & spelling, science & geography, creativity & life skills, eBooks, and more


  • Cartridges can get pricey, but apps are much less expensive
  • Video quality is not fantastic, but it doesn’t stop my children from having a lot of fun making videos
  • Batteries can wear out within a few days depending on how heavily it’s being used, but that’s why we use rechargeable batteries

Read more about the LeapPad on the LeapFrog site.


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Disclosure: LeapFrog provided me with product samples for review consideration. Monetary compensation was not received and opinions are my own. Please read my disclosure statement.

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