Lilly Diabetes and Disney Once Upon a Time Contest

by Leighann on July 14, 2011

Coco Monkey With DiabetesLast week I was delighted to share the news of the Lilly Diabetes and Disney partnership of information, dialog, and how to’s. It has a positive message of what children with diabetes and their families can do, not what they shouldn’t do.

I shared with you the three aspects of the partnership–the website, the publications including the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book featuring Coco the MWD*, and the Birnbaum guide to navigating Disney with diabetes–but what I was tight-lipped about was the fourth aspect of the partnership.

Seriously, I was under strict embargo that I not say a word until today or my entire family would be banned from Disney for life. Well, they didn’t actually threaten that, but I did have to cross my heart.

Are you ready?

This is also a good one!

It’s icing on the proverbial “yes I CAN eat that” cake.

Once Upon a Time Contest

To commemorate the collaboration and spark a national dialogue about diabetes, Denise Jonas, mother of the multi-platinum album selling and Grammy nominated Jonas Brothers, announced today the launch of the Once Upon a Time Contest. Having personal experience with raising a diabetic child after her son Nick was diagnosed at the age of 13, Denise is looking forward to sharing her unique story of how the Jonas  family adjusted their everyday lives upon being impacted by diabetes.

“When Nick was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, our family’s world was turned upside down,” says Denise. “Suddenly, caring for Nick was more than just making sure he was loved, happy and safe; making sure he was healthy, while still living a full and active life, became our top priority. Although the adjustment was challenging, it ultimately brought our family closer together.”

Now, Denise is encouraging parents and caregivers like her to enter the Once Upon a Time Contest by submitting an original written work, such as a poem, story or essay, inspired by their child’s experience with type 1 diabetes. The best entry, as determined by a panel of independent judges, will be featured on Disney’s type 1 diabetes website,, and the winning family will have the opportunity to attend the 2012 children with DIABETES conference, Friends for Life, in Orlando.

For more information on the Once Upon a Time Contest, please visit The contest begins today, July 14, and will remain open for entries through November 30, 2011. The winning family will be notified by January 30, 2012.

Check back later today as I add more info about the contest and collaboration.

Good luck!

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07/14/11 Lilly Diabetes, Disney Online and Disney Publishing Worldwide Work Together to Bring Dedicated Lifestyle Website and Custom Publications to Families Affected by Type 1 Diabetes (Press Release)

*MWD = Monkey With Diabetes
(I hereby coin the abbreviation MWD!)

Images courtesy of Lilly Diabetes.

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way by Lilly Diabetes or Disney for this post. I received materials, including a copy of the book, to use for editorial purposes. Please read the disclosure statement.

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