LOL: Clicking

by Leighann on February 4, 2010

We were having issues with our internet and our wireless wasn’t working.

It was a morning without school and Q was having breakfast in my bed while I checked in with blogs and e-mail. (We do this a lot on the weekends.)

The laptop was perched on my knees with the long blue ethernet cord stretched across the room & plugged in. This is the first time I’ve ever had to do that; like I said, no wireless.

So she got her bolus when she finished eating and then lay beneath my bent legs snuggled in watching TV.

I kept hearing click…click…click.

I assumed it was her OmniPod clicking as it dispenses insulin. Then I realized it was my laptop!

I’ve never heard it click before and I think it’s the mouse. But I just had to laugh because I naturally thought the clicking was her pump!

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