Why McDonald’s Apple Slices May Be Higher in Carbs Than You Think

by Leighann on August 19, 2011

For a week I picked the kids up from daycamp each day right at noon. By the time we got out of the parking lot, they were hungry. Twice I packed a picnic lunch and we ate it at the library, which the kids really enjoyed. But on the Friday, I was too lazy to whip up lunch for my crew, so I ran through McDonald’s drive-thru on the way home.

My kids usually opt for the apple dippers instead of fries when we go to McDonald’s. They usually eat them without the caramel dipping sauce. (So I guess they aren’t really apple dippers!)

As the kids sat at the table and began eating, I took the bag of apple slices out of each kid’s box and one of them felt heavy. It was odd. I thought to myself: It almost feels like it’s twice as much as it should be.

I took them over to the kitchen scale and, lo and behold, one of the bags weighed almost twice as much!

Most people would say “Score!” when receiving extra food, but when you are counting carbs and giving insulin accordingly, it’s a little dismaying.

I appreciate that McDonald’s prints the nutrition info on the tray liners, on the Happy Meal boxes, and on the individual packages of many of it’s menu items. But if I didn’t realize that the bag of apples we received was too heavy, I would have given insulin based on the 8 grams of carbs on the label and not the probably 14-16 grams worth of apples that were in the bag!

I usually don’t weigh fast food because that kind of negates the convenience, doesn’t it? But I try to be aware if a serving looks particularly more or less than it usually is.

McDonald's Apple Dippers

McDonald's Apple Dippers

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