Medical Innovation at Mizzou & the 2011 DiabetesMine Design Challenge

by Leighann on March 28, 2011

I received my Master’s degree from Mizzou and as an alumn they send me the Mizzou Magazine quarterly. It is always chock full of great articles and fabulous photos…and makes me miss living in Columbia! Columbia has so many things to offer and I always tell people who are thinking of moving there or sending their kids there for school, what a great town it is.

(And by the way, the school where I did my undergrad is a big rival of Mizzou!)

In the Spring 2011 edition there were several articles that caught my eye. There was an article on BPA, something we try to avoid in our household especially in products for our kids, an article on happiness, which I will be writing more about soon, and one on biodesign.

The article Innovative Intellectuals features two fellows at Mizzou working in biodesign.

From the article:

MU’s Biodesign and Innovation fellowship produces business-savvy inventors who are poised to improve medical care and spur economic development…Since 2007, MU’s biodesign fellowship, the second of its kind in the nation, has guided postgraduates through the medical invention process, from idea to commercialization. The program selects three individuals with advanced degrees and entrepreneurial spirit: a physician, an engineer and a business professional. The fellows learn from one another and from MU medicine, engineering, business and veterinary medicine faculty. For the first four months, they immerse themselves in MU’s health care environments and identify medical needs that they could meet. The remaining two phases are spent developing a rough prototype and a business plan.

Just think if we could get some up and coming scholars who are interested in diabetes management into the fellowship program to come up with innovative solutions to diabetes management.

(Insert segue here…)

Amy Tenderich’s call to the industry about making diabetes devices more technologically advanced and user-friendly spawned the Diabetes Mine Design Challenge, which is now accepting entries through April 29, 2011.

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