{No D-Day} He Said, She Said

by Leighann on October 7, 2011

No D-DayIt’s once again the time of year to write about something other than diabetes. That’s right, it’s No D-Day.

Last year I wrote about my newfound talent for burping. And ever since writing that post, I think of my DOC friends when I let out a Homer-worthy belch.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that my kids are constantly cracking me up. They say the most hilarious things to me and to each other. I want to start a blog just so that I can remember it all. Here are just a few recent exchanges that made me laugh:

4yo was eating his bedtime snack.
“Mommy. Now there’s a party in my tummy.”

4yo doesn’t quite understand that you aren’t supposed to yell “Over here!” during hide and seek.
Also, quit giving up my position!

4yo: I catch bugs & flies with my tongue & eat them.
Me: Are you a lizard?
Him: No. I’m a boy.

Q just announced that she wants to dance & sing under water when she’s a grown up (like Ester Williams).
And said she’ll be famous for it.

4yo made up a joke today at snack time:
Why was the cookie sad?
Because he felt crumb-y.

Q just put sunflower sprouts in R’s Cheerios because she thought he needed to eat more greens.
Needless to say it made him cry!

4yo is telling jokes in the bathtub.
“Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because there were no chickens on the other side.”
(Giggles to himself.)

I was teaching 4yo our address.
I said (our street # and name), (our town), (our state), United States of America, North America, Earth.
And Q said “Isn’t it obvious that we are on Earth? If you call 911, they’ll know what planet we’re on. It’s not like we’ll be calling from the moon!”

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1 Amanda October 8, 2011 at 1:37 am

Love the last one about the address!


2 shannon October 10, 2011 at 6:19 pm

aw, they made me smile. i wish i’d kept better records of all the cute things they say when they’re small. 🙂


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