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by Leighann on July 30, 2013

A parent on Facebook linked to this video. She was upset, as were many of the parents who commented. I clicked over expecting to be irritated, but I had quite the opposite reaction.

Not My Kids Video:

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From the video description on YouTube: “This TV campaign produced by the California Department of Public Health’s, Network for a Healthy California, is designed to reach Latino families in California and encourages parents to make healthy changes while protecting their children from chronic diseases (like type 2 diabetes) that can result from childhood obesity.”

From the website: “Now that you know that childhood obesity can lead to type 2 diabetes, you can start making important changes to help your family live a healthier life. Many families, like yours, are making it happen, and you can too…get recipes, tips on how to eat healthier, and ideas about how to help your family be more physically active.”

Actually, when I looked around on the website I think every time they mention diabetes, they specifically say “type 2 diabetes.”

For years I have heard parents saying they really wish that every time diabetes is mentioned in the media that they would differentiate between the two types. I know I’ve said it over and over. I’ve even muttered or written “Type 2 diabetes, you mean type 2″ when a media outlet fails to mention that there are multiple kinds.

Well, this video and website are doing a great job, in my opinion, on specifying that type 2 diabetes can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle.* I heard parents saying that they don’t like the video because people will think that our type 1 kids got their diabetes from eating too much sugar or junk food. Parents said they wished there was a different name for the types of diabetes.

Can we have it both ways? Can we say, okay, they said type 2 diabetes, but now that’s not enough.

I personally think this is a very effective video and website. It has a very specific targeted demographic: Latino families. This is a segment of the population that is prone to type 2 diabetes (but what segment of our population isn’t!). I think it is uplifting, not depressing (unlike the recently released IDF video with dementors or smoke monsters). I think it has a positive message: that Latino parents can do better for their kids than maybe their parents did for them. And the website has actionable items such as nutrition and fitness tips and recipes.

What do you think?

And Another Thing…

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*Lifestyle is only one contributing factor to type 2 diabetes. Researchers now think there might be a genetic component.

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