Not on My Mind, But in My Heart

by Leighann on June 14, 2009

My little guy recently turned two.

He’s a hearty, funny, mama’s boy.

His facial expressions are so dramatic that he is going to give his sister a run for her money. He’s a boy’s boy (like how they say “man’s man”). He’s rough and tumble.

He loves digging in the dirt, and trains, and kicking a ball around. He wants to be outside all the time and one of his favorite things is sneaking strawberries from the garden. If he can’t break one from the stem, he will bend down and bite it right off the vine.

His vocabulary grows by leaps and bounds each day, surprising us with new words we didn’t know he knew.

If I am sitting down, he comes behind me wrapping his arms around my neck and says, “Set. Go!” insisting on a piggy back ride.

He surprises me now and then with brief moments of tenderness. He strokes my hair, gives me kisses, hugs me tight. And then he’s off again in a flash.

He’s everything a two-year-old boy should be.

When the cardiologist told us not to think about his heart condition and to treat him no differently, I have to say I managed to put it out of my mind. His sister’s chronic medical condition is every second of every day and requires scheduling, thinking, and action.

His heart condition requires nothing of us. At least not now. After an appointment it falls into the background. Not an immediate concern.

But we go back today for our six-month return visit. The approaching appointment brings it back to mind.

Foremost on my mind is how we will get an on-the-go two-year-old to sit through an EKG. Have you had one before? You have to be calm and you have to be still. For what in toddler time is about three days.

We had a trick during his last echo: lollipops. He had never had one before and it was so novel that he laid still, licking away. His heart calmed and so did his demeanor.

Will it work again? I hope so. I will pack our bag with lots of sticky lollipops (and wipes to clean him up). And I think I am going to take our portable DVD player with a handful of Thomas episodes.

But he won’t even sit still for a diaper change, so I don’t know how this will go over.

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1 Melinda Vahradian June 23, 2010 at 9:06 am

My heart goes out to you Leighann. Michael actually had a heart condition in addition to his diabetes: PSVT. His heart would start beating 300+ beats per minute, and low blood sugar started triggering it. He had a cardiac ablation in 2002, and they fixed it! They can do amazing things.


2 Leighann June 23, 2010 at 9:34 am

Thanks for your thoughts, Melinda. I’m so glad to hear that Michael’s condition could be fixed!

Our pediatrician felt horrible as she had to deliver the news. She said families shouldn’t be burdened with two conditions.

The cardiologist has said that he could live his entire life and not have a problem. Or that technology for valve replacements could vastly improve by the time he might ever need one.

I guess there are several periods of rapid growth that can really affect the degree of stenosis. So for now, we watch and wait.

We actually have his next yearly appointment coming up in July. The good news last time was that there was no visible change and the doctor said we could come back once a year instead of every six months.


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