{Our Story} Blood Draw

by Leighann on September 3, 2012

At our endo appointment over the summer, we were told that Q needed blood work for her thyroid and cholesterol levels. Since she had her yearly physical scheduled within a month, she said that we could wait and have the blood draw at our local lab in case our pediatrician wanted any additional tests.

Q was not looking forward to having her blood drawn.

I personally don’t mind having my blood drawn. Sure, it’s a nuisance, but it’s really not a big deal. You go, you do it, and you get on with your life.

But tell that to a child.

The last time she had to have her blood drawn she screamed and cried and wouldn’t sit down. We were almost at the point of restraining her when a bribe of six stickers and six lollipops convinced her to get it over with.

Not looking forward to that again!

When we arrived for testing there was an over half hour wait. Thanks. Thanks a lot. That was plenty of time for her to get nervous.

When we entered the room she started to get worked up.

I said, “Q the first step is just sitting in the chair. Sit down while they get everything ready. I promise they aren’t going to do anything yet. Just sit there and relax.”

She eased her way into the chair and asked if Rufus could also get his blood drawn. I suggested Rufus get his blood drawn after Q, hopefully as an incentive.

The tech grabbed a helper so that they could work in tandem to expedite the process. They decided that instead of filling the three vials individually, that they would fill a big syringe and transfer it. Good idea.

I said, “The more relaxed you are, the less it hurts. Sit there nice and still and it will only be a pinch.”

When it was time I told Q to look at me. I held her head in my hands so that she wouldn’t look down at the needle. I repeated, “Look right at me, Q. Look right at me.”

And it was over relatively quickly. No big deal.

Though she did say it hurt a little more than I said it would.

Next it was Rufus’s turn. The tech readied the supplies and helped Q go through the steps on her bear. She told him that he did a good job as she bandaged him up with a folded square of gauze and stretchy tape.

We proceeded to the hallway where she selected a sticker and to her delight was given four of the same theme.

Because this was fasting blood work, we headed to our favorite breakfast spot to share an order of scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, and blueberry pancakes. Q also ordered a bowl of fresh strawberries with whipped cream and a side of bacon.

We are glad to have that behind us, but she’s already asking if we can wait two years until she has to do it again!

Blood Draw
Blood Draw
Blood Draw
Blood Draw

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