{Our Story} I’m Hungry

by Leighann on July 4, 2012

Q came into my room at 6:00 am.

Mommy, I’m hungry.

Go check your finger and tell me what you are.

I’m not “low hungry,” I’m just “hungry.”

Her blood sugar was 199* so I told her to go downstairs, get a snack, and bring me her PDM.

I corrected her blood sugar and bolused for 11 carbs. I told her to go back to her room or downstairs to play quietly. I rolled back over hoping to sleep just a little bit more…until my four-year-old would also wake up.

When Q says she’s hungry and it’s not one of her usual snack or meal times, my first thought is always that she might be low. When she was four and five extreme hunger–I need to eat right now hunger–was her main symptom of hypoglycemia. At six and now seven her symptom isn’t usually hunger, but feeling wobbly, weak, or shaky.

For our d-kids they can’t just be hungry like normal kids and get a snack. They have to test first to know why they are hungry.

*Her overnight range continues to be 100-200. We have recently begun correcting at night over 180 with a target of 180. YDMV.

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