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by Leighann on April 30, 2012

TuDiabetes held a poetry contest this spring. I asked Q if she would like to write a poem or two to enter.

She wrote a poem in one of her many notebooks and as I transcribed it for the computer, she looked over my shoulder to make sure that I had the lines and punctuation just as she intended.

She’s not one to lament her medical condition, though she’s had her fair share of diabetes burnout this spring. She’s almost always a glass-half-full person like I am and she sees all the positives that have come from diabetes.

As I read her words, the title really struck me. That girl is beyond her years in wisdom and it’s interesting that when asked to write a poem, this is what she had in mind.

She has a few more poems in the works and asked if she can devote an entire notebook to poetry. She already has notebooks in progress for songs and stories she’s writing.

Hurting Life
By Q
Age 7, diagnosed at 3

I am sad,
I am scared.
Why did I have to get it?
I have shots
And pump changes
And CGM changes.
And more and more and more,
And more and more and more.

Note: Q’s poem won third place in week 2 of the No Sugar Added Poetry contest. Add “award winning poet” to her growing resume!

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1 Lisa April 30, 2012 at 8:57 am

It sucks when reality hits us. Zane will randomly make a negative comment like “I wish I didn’t have diabetes” or something along those lines and it just snaps me into reality b/c he too is usually so easy going about it. It breaks my heart that at 4 years old he bottles feelings up that I don’t even know are happening. Great poem Q!


2 shannon April 30, 2012 at 8:06 pm

that’s a beautiful poem, Q. i know lots of kids will relate to it and hopefully reading it will make them feel less alone. thanks for sharing!


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