Warning From Insulet About Over Filling New OmniPods

by Leighann on September 30, 2013

Check back later this week for more information about the Medtronic pump/CGM combo that recently received FDA approval.

OmniPod Letter

With our most recent shipment of pods, we received this warning letter from Insulet about not filling pods past the 200 unit mark, even though it may accept a little more. We fill somewhere between the minimum line and 100 units, so it hasn’t been an issue for us personally.

I also wanted to note that word on the street is that supplies of new pods are low (that’s not any official word from Insulet, just what I’m hearing). We were supposed to received an autoshipment and the date came and went. I called when I noticed we were down to 4 pods in the cupboard (gasp!) and the customer service rep said he would make sure they were sent out. Just an FYI…I know that my own child would not be happy if she had to go back to MDI because we ran out.

And Another Thing…

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