{Overheard} Pump Fail Edition

by Leighann on October 21, 2010

Kids say the darndest things. (Did that just totally date me?) Here are a few things Q said that reinforce that she knows a thing or two about managing diabetes.

At dinner time she was a little high. She told her dad, “Sometimes I’m high on pump change days.”

After a middle of the night pump change which she zombied through, she went to the bathroom the next morning. I hear her call out, “Mommy, we have an emergency situation here. The straw (cannula) is out.” What she didn’t realize was that I had put a new pod on her back and had soaked the deactivated one on her belly with baby oil so the adhesive would loosen up. I never went back to take it off and it was practically hanging off.

At school the nurse checked her blood sugar before lunch. Upon seeing the high number, she told the nurse, “We changed my pump and I sometimes go high after a pump change.” (She’s right.)

When we sat in the hallway at school changing her pod, the second time in 14 hours, she looked at me and said, “Mommy, it’s a good thing you know so much about diabetes.”

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