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by Leighann on November 2, 2012

As I was organizing the pantry, a long overdue task, I noticed our tub of used pods was pretty full.

I asked Q to count out 50 pods to put into the EcoPod recycling bag to send back in. She was glad that we had more than 50 because she wants to make some ornaments again this year.

That night as we were going through the bath/snack/bedtime routine with the kids, Q told me she had a trick question. “Trick” because she didn’t think either of us really knew the answer.

Q: How many pods do you think I’ve had all together.

Me: Hmm. Let me think a minute.

Me: Three years is 365 days times three. Divide that by three (the number of days we usually get out of a pod). That’s easy. 365!

Q: 365! That’s a lot of pods.

(I opened the calculator on my phone.)

Me: But just think, that replaced 4,380 shots.

Q: Wow! I’m a lucky girl!

(And as I’m typing this, I couldn’t help but think: “Holy Cow! Either way, that’s a lot of pods and a lot of injections for a child to endure!” Gotta love Q’s perspective that it’s one for the win column.)

50 Used OmniPod

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