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by Leighann on December 7, 2015

As Seen On D-Mom Blog

Pocket Innerwear Pump and CGM Tank

Pocket Innerwear is a company that makes clothing with a pocket for carrying a cell phone or for security while traveling. They also have a line called “T1D Techwear” that includes tanks, bands, shirts, and shorts for men, women, and children. These clothing items have a pocket to hide or carry an insulin pump or CGM. They even have a hole to thread pump tubing through.

pocket innerwear tanks

Tween T1D PumpTank. Image courtesy Pocket Innerwear.

Their “Tween T1D PumpTank” is customizable letting you choose the tank stripe color and pocket color. According to their site, you use these directions:

Step1: Choose Your Base Piece

Step 2: Pick Your PumpPocket(s)

Step 3: Live your life. 🙂

Q is all about options both in fashion and in carrying her diabetes devices and supplies. She’s been wearing this tank a lot this school year, even though the weather is now cool. It has been a great layer to wear under sweaters and bigger shirts. And having a pocket for her CGM means it’s one less thing she has to carry in her supply bag or keep track of. If we ever upgrade to the G5 CGM we may order some of their clothing meant for phones such as the “Hipster” Hip Pocket TechWear Tank.

Pocket Innerwear

Pocket Innerwear tank holding a CGM.

Pocket Innerwear 2

Pocket Innerwear tank worn as a layer.

T1D Techwear with a pocket for insulin pumps and CGM’s can be purchased from the Pocket Innerwear website.

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