Popsicle at the Fireworks

by Leighann on August 5, 2010


When we moved into the new house, the Schwan’s man stopped by with a catalog and I was impressed that carb counts and serving sizes appeared along side each item they offer.

On the Fourth of July, of course we headed to our local fireworks display. This event includes inflatables for the kids and several food vendors. Needless to say, the 4th is always steamy hot here in the Midwest.

After using up all of our tickets for slides, obstacle courses, and bounce houses, we headed to the row of vendors to get something to cool off.

Q wanted a popsicle.

We stood in line at the Schwan’s truck and as I looked at their offerings I was prepared to ask them to look on the box and see if the carb count was there.

To my surprise and delight the sign had the carb count!

One push up, an icy bottle of water, and a bolus later, both mom and Q were happy!

Inflatables Tickets: $10

Popsicle and Icy Cold Water: $3

Giving an Accurate Bolus (With a Pump While Walking Through a Crowd): Priceless

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