Popsicle Woes

by Leighann on February 25, 2011

We normally buy sugar-free Popsicles. It’s one of the few sugar-free products we buy, but my kids love their desserts and that’s one concession I make.

When Q was recently sick I had my husband pick up a box of regular (sugar added) Popsicles and some regular JELL-O just in case she needed to get her carbs that way. She had strep throat and I thought they would be soothing.

Turns out we didn’t have to resort to getting carbs into her this way.

A week or so later, my kids wanted to try these Popsicles after lunch.

I snapped the above picture because I was going to rant about the fact that Popsicle always puts their nutrition label on the end of the package where you open it. So you have two choices: either lose the nutrition info or do as I did and slide the end open. The bad thing about that is that you can’t close the box back up.

The Popsicles, called “Rainbow,” were incredibly vivid shades of red, yellow, blue and green. The box said that they now have gelatin so that they don’t drip.

But the problem was the dye. It was all over their hands. And lips. And teeth.

Oh and that drop on the floor? I stepped in it and tracked blue footprints through the kitchen. Good thing I didn’t step on our beige carpet.

Teeth brushing, face washing and the kids still weren’t clean.

I think we will have to throw out this box because I live in fear of stained carpet as long as these are around!

Popsicle Tongue

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1 Suzanne February 25, 2011 at 9:14 am

A while back I bought a few ‘popsicle’ molds, mostly to avoid the dyes in the “real” thing. ( I am convinced that my 6 yr. old son becomes a wild man after consuming that stuff, in spite lack of scientific proof!) You can keep things simple & just add juice, lemonade, herb tea eith honey or whatever else you think might be appealing. Sometimes we add pieces of chopped fruit. If we make smoothies and there is extra, it makes a great pop!
That said, when you are not up to making such a thing or need it in a hurry during illness(!), Edy’s makes fruit pops with slightly better ingredients, ( some real fruit, 11 carbs, no HFCS, and I believe only the lime flavor has artificial coloring. The colors are still pretty deep, but the pops are on the small side, hopefully consumed without too much dripping!


2 Leighann February 25, 2011 at 9:43 am


We LOVE the Edy’s all fruit pops! Lime is everyone’s favorite. We get the tiny ones that may even be 9 grams carbs (don’t remember).

Great idea about the popsicle molds. I actually have one and haven’t used it. Next time I make smoothies, I’ll fill it up.


3 Bethany February 26, 2011 at 11:48 pm

I love the edy’s popsicles, wish they were a little less expensive here! and the lime ones are my fav also! 😀 feel free to head over to my blog for a giveaway!


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