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by Leighann on February 13, 2010

Have you seen the slides from the Insulet Corporation’s Investors Meeting from 01/10/10? It looks like there are some exciting changes on the horizon for OmniPod users.

When we were researching pumps, we heard rumors from pump trainers that the pods were going to be reduced in size by one-third. The rumor was that they would roll out at the end of 2009 and would automatically be filled with orders. Needless to say it’s already 2010. But seeing this slide makes me excited. It does look quite small! Great for these little kiddos. (I don’t think they are too huge now, then again, I’m not the one wearing it!)

And remember that “late 2010” is sooner than we think if their fiscal year begins in July.

Next Generation OmniPod

When we were researching pumps we weren’t that concerned about CGM integration yet. The fact that with any of the pumps and CGM’s you need two insertion sites, it didn’t sway us away from OmniPod or to another type of pump. We figured we would look into CGM’s at a later date.

This slide shows that you can carry one device (the PDM) to control the pump, the CGM, and use as a glucose meter.

What I am unsure of from the slide is whether there will be a separate insertion site. If both the pump and CGM insertion occur within a single pod, I would definitely consider it.

OmniPod with GCM Integration

I am sure you have heard that Olympic skier Kris Freeman wears the OmniPod. (Read his story.)

I think it is great when I can point to someone in the media and tell my daughter that the person is also diabetic and even wears the same pump.

A great benefit is that I am sure Olympic media coverage will discuss that he is diabetic, hopefully putting forward not only a very positive image, but also giving the real facts about being Type 1.

OmniPod User Olympian Kris Freeman

Last, but not least, look who turned up as a model for living a great life with the OmniPod. That’s right; it’s Caleb!

OmniPod User Caleb

If you want to see all the presentation slides, click here to download the PDF: InsuletCorpInvestorPresentation11010

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1 Lorraine February 13, 2010 at 9:40 am

It was funny when I read the presentation to see my kids’ picture pop out at me at the end.


2 Wendy February 13, 2010 at 10:02 am

I don’t see the comment I left earlier…I got a response to my comment via e-mail and just wanted to share the information I rec’d from Solo when I contacted them with a list of questions. I e-mailed them twice earlier this week so I’ll post both responses below:

From: Susie Kagel (susiek@medingo.com)
Sent: Thu 2/11/10 6:31 PM


Thank you for your inquiry about the Solo™ MicroPump Insulin Delivery System!

To answer your questions, the Solo has Bolus on Board as well as safety to prevent stacking of insulin considering your glucose and carb input. We expect to release in April as we’ve had some delays in the hiring process. We received both of our FDA clearances but want to release the Solo the right way vs. the fast way. We have several technologies that have been under development such as CGM for our future Solo MicroPumps. Our evolution will follow the desires and needs that our customers share with us.

As you know, customer support is often more important than having a great product and we want to be sure we are there for you 24/7 so you can count on us when you need us. Therefore, we plan to launch the Solo MicroPump with a Personal Experience Program (PEP) in a limited geographic area in early 2010. This will allow us to test our training, 24 hour customer support and to establish appropriate reimbursement and distribution.

Once the PEP is complete, we will gradually expand our distribution area across the U.S. when we are sure that we can not only supply product, but also surround our customers with excellent service, training, distribution and reimbursement processes that are critical for pumpers.

We will notify you if you are in the PEP target areas and can keep you informed about our progress via our periodic Solo MicroNews. Just fill in your name, zip code and email in the orange box at the following link http://www.solo4you.com/?page=OurCommunity

Thank you again for your interest in the Solo MicroPump. We look forward to serving you in the future!


Susie Kagel, Customer Service Representative

Medingo US,Inc.

From: Susie Kagel (susiek@medingo.com)
Sent: Thu 2/11/10 8:01 PM

We already received our pediatric indication – should be an announcement the end of this month!

Take care,


Susie Kagel, Customer Service Representative

Medingo US,Inc.


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