{Short & Sweet} Oprah and Diabetes, Again

by Leighann on May 20, 2010

I think we can all agree that the Oprah Show got it wrong during the episode America’s Silent Killer.

When I saw that Bret Michaels would appear on Wednesday’s show, I wondered how his diabetes would be highlighted. After all, the media has put forth all sorts of seeming inaccuracies about him not being able to manage pain because of his medical condition.

His diabetes was mentioned twice by him in the piece, but neither time was it a focus of the conversation. Nor was it alluded to how diabetes will affect his recovery. He did say something about hating the thought of being hospitalized because he is a lifetime diabetic.

Overall, the episode was good as far as explaining his brain condition and treatment. And at least they didn’t put forth more misconceptions about diabetes, right?

Read my thoughts on the America’s Silent Killer episode:

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1 KristinD May 20, 2010 at 6:36 am

I too watched it and was a bit dissappointed in the fact that his diabetes wasn’t mentioned more..I do understand that the show wasn’t about diabetes, but I would like to see people with high profiles use their diabetes to educate the public or at least to bring awareness about it..I know that it can be a very private thing for some people, but in our family we’ve tried to make it a very normal thing, and for us it’s like someone wearing glasses..obvious (my daughter wears a pump and it’s visible)..I know diabetes is way more serious, but the more people know about it the more accepted it will be for kids with pumps or on injections (or adults) to take care of themselves in school, at work, at sporting events etc.


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