Reflections on Diabetes Awareness Month

by Leighann on December 1, 2017

Summary: Here are my reflections as I look back over the past 30 days of Diabetes Awareness Month, when I shared messages on social media to educate and advocate for those living with diabetes.

Diabetes Awareness Month Busted Pancreas

For Diabetes Awareness Month I chose to share 30 daily diabetes thoughts and facts, across social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

My goal is always to reach beyond those affected directly by diabetes to help educate or dispel a myth. I know that together we reached beyond those directly affected by diabetes because the number of people that the daily graphics “reached” on social media was astronomical. They were being seen by friends of friends of friends and hopefully they learned something new, gained a better understanding, or just became a bit more sympathetic to those with diabetes.

I want to thank each of you who did click share or like this month. It was you who made the daily thoughts and facts go viral.

Even though I’m on social media a lot, most of my advocacy in person is done organically. Like at play practice when a parent asks a question. Often it’s not the parent bringing it up, but when I mention something about Q’s diabetes (volunteering backstage every night because we never know what her BGs will do), it opens the door for them to ask a question they’ve wanted to ask. For instance a parent said her daughter was wondering if Q will outgrow her diabetes. It was an opportunity to explain that Q has type 1 diabetes and will always have diabetes.

I think my take away from this Diabetes Awareness Month is that we all have to find our niche of how we best advocate and educate. For some of us it will be participating in online campaigns and for some of us it will be teaching just one person about diabetes.

And the fact remains that Diabetes Awareness Month may be over, but my daughter still has diabetes.

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