Newly Diagnosed

Was your child recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes? The first few days home from the hospital can seem overwhelming. It amazes me that they just let us take our children home and expect us to be able to care for them!

But you can do it and it will get easier with each day as you learn new routines and become more confident in your ability to make decisions, count carbs, and dose insulin. Diabetes will soon become your “new normal.”

The most important lessons I’ve learned?

  • First and foremost, let your kid be a kid.
  • Give choices where there are choices to be given such as where to get an injection, which finger they would like pricked, or which Band-Aid they would like. But be firm that whether or not to get an injection is not a choice.
  • You will rise to the occasion and become an expert on your child’s care.
  • Let yourself grieve…but also move ahead.

Kids First, Diabetes Second As a resource to families of newly diagnosed children, I have shared our experience and how we manage diabetes in the book Kids First, Diabetes Second.

Our Diagnosis Story Here is where it all began for us. My daughter was a few months shy of four years and exhibited all the classic symptoms of Type 1 diabetes. Read Mother’s Intuition.

Ketone Testing I wish someone had told me that there was an easier way to check ketones than with urine. The blood ketone meter is a very useful tool, especially for middle of the night checks when your child is sick. The blood ketone strips are a bit expensive, so check your insurance coverage. Read more about ketone testing.

Diabetes at School You’ll need to put a 504 plan in place to make sure your child is cared for at school. Read about our 504 plan and some of the key points we included.

Online Communities

Caring Bridge

  • “CaringBridge provides free websites that connect people experiencing a significant health challenge to family and friends, making each health journey easier.”
  • Visit the Caring Bridge website.

Bag of Hope Program

  • Backpack filled with resources
  • Includes Rufus the Bear with Diabetes
  • Provided by local JDRF chapters
  • Request within 3 months of diagnosis
  • My posts about the Bag of Hope and Rufus the Bear with Diabetes

Quilts for Children with Diabetes Program

  • Free comfort quilt
  • For children 17 years and younger
  • No time restriction
  • Quilt is free, but they require $12 for shipping and mailing supplies
  • Part of the iPump organization
  • More information

Lilly Diabetes and Disney

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book featuring Coco, the monkey with diabetes, is available through healthcare providers including pediatric endocrinologists
  • website offers diabetes information and printables
  • Read about Coco and the Lilly/Disney partnership

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me by e-mail (leighann at d-mom dot com) for help, questions, or for a sympathetic ear.

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