{Roche Social Media Summit} Reuniting With My D-Family

by Leighann on July 13, 2011

Roche Social Media Summit

Have faith in us that we are motivated, excited and invested in coming away from the #dsummit with something that will benefit the larger DOC and ALL people with diabetes. We believe we can do that so believe in us. –Lee Ann Thill

In June I traveled to San Diego for the third annual Roche Social Media Summit. It was my second year in attendance. My flight had two legs and I had a little layover in Chicago. I tweeted from the airport asking if anyone else was there. Beatriz Dominquez was on my same flight! We hugged each other when we got off the plane and shared a cab to the Hard Rock Hotel talking along the way. I really feel like I got to Bea better in that 15 minute cab ride.

The first night we had a little reunion dinner at the Tin Fish across the street from the hotel where we all got to see each other again in a casual atmosphere where we could all just talk (and drink wine!). I was sitting with Karen Graffeo, who I joked with on our recent trip to Medtronic that I can’t help but want to d-mother everyone, and what did I do? I estimated carbs for her tortilla, lol! I joked that I’d be making the rounds for 2:00 am BG checks if anyone needed one.

On Thursday we had a full day and night of sessions. We even had a working lunch and dinner! But after dinner we cut loose and some of the DOC showed off their mad karaoke skills…but not me. No way! I did slip into the photo booth and struck a pose (or four) with Cherise.

You want to hear something strange? I just realized that at the 2010 summit I sat at Table 4 and at this year’s summit I sat at Table 4. Maybe I will have to sit at Table 4 every year! My table mates this year were Bernard Farrell, Cherise Shockley, George Simmons, Sara Nicks, Ginger Vieira, and Sarah Jane Blacksher. What fantastic company to keep!

Roche Social Media Summit

At one point during dinner the second night I look to my side and Lee Ann is doing a site change. Because I am rarely around other DOC, or maybe because I was drinking wine and I clearly don’t get out much, I blurted out a little louder than perhaps I meant to “Oh. My. God!” as if to say “I just cannot believe a person would do something like that in public!” It was one of my finer, snarkier moments for sure.

And I couldn’t stop laughing. I couldn’t look at Amy Tenderich, or Lee Ann, or Sara without giggling again.

Sara Tweet

Friday morning we resumed sessions and I had to make a dash for the airport after getting a few quick hugs from my friends who I now feel even closer to.

I haven’t even mentioned half of my friends who I was so happy to have the opportunity to see again or meet in person for the first time. I love the DOC! Especially IRL!

In the coming weeks I’ll tell you more about the summit including sessions led by Dan Kane (Chronic Care Model), Todd Siesky (what Roche has done since the last summit), Rob Muller (Emerging Trends in Social Media), Isabella Platon and Jean Claude Mbanya (Inernational Diabetes Federation), Jeffrey Brewer (JDRF), new products, and Dr. William Polonsky (The Glucose Getaway).

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Roche paid for my transportation, lodging, and meals for my attendance at the Roche Social Media Summit. No monetary compensation was given. They did not ask me to write about the summit. While some of the information within this post was presented by Roche, opinions are my own. Please read the disclosure statement.

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1 Karen July 22, 2011 at 4:04 pm

I loved that you carb counted for me!! Maybe you should have helped the hotel with the carb counts they gave us for the remainder of the meals and snacks. Because I was good after my soft tacos that night. But the rest of the trip? No so much!!


2 Leighann July 25, 2011 at 7:48 am

I’m happy to count carbs for you anytime…or do a 2am BG check 😉

Hope to see you again soon!


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