Type 1 Tuesday: Roche Social Media Summit

by Leighann on July 6, 2010

D-Mom Blog Type 1 Tuesday

It’s been one week since the 2010 Roche Social Media Summit. It was such a great experience, but don’t just take my word for it. Go read these summaries. This list is probably not comprehensive, but I tried to catch as many as I could as they came across my feed reader. Did I miss your post-Summit recap? Please let me know.

Featured D-Blogs of the Week

(In the order I saw them.)

D-Mom Blog: Meeting My D-Family and Roll Call

Diabetes Sisters: Better Late Than Never

Ninjabetic: Roche Social Media Summit – Part 1

Diabetes Mine: Quick Brief: Roche Social Media Summit and What the ADA Learned from the Diabetes Social Media Summit

Six Until Me: The Post Before the One About the Summit and Reaching the Summit and A Big Ol’ Discussion About Meter Accuracy

Diabetesaliciousness: A Brief Post on Roche Before the Big Post on Roche

Lemonade Life: Roche Diabetes Social Media Summit

Betizuka: Roche Social Media Summit

Sara Knicks: Roche Social Media Summit Overview and What are we doing here – Roche Summit part 2

Ask Manny: Roche Social Media Summit 2010: My Thoughts

Diabetes Stories: Orlando, a hotbed of diabetes activity

Diabetic Iz Me: Visit to the ER in Orlando

The Diabetic’s Corner Booth: Thanks, Roche – For So Much

Sarahndipity: What Happened There: Volume 1: Airport Madness and What Happened There part 2: The night before (vlog) and Review of Roche Social Media Summit number 2, June 29, 2010

Huffington Post: How One Pharma Company Is Making A Difference With Patients

Type 1 Tidbits: Roche Summit: The 2nd Coming

Diabetesaliciousness: My Spin on the Roche / Diabetes Social Media Summit- Year 2

Scott’s Diabetes Journal: 2010 Roche Social Media Summit

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Disclosure: Roche paid for all expenses relating to this trip including travel, lodging, meals, and incidentals. They did not ask me to post about the trip and all opinions are my own. We do not currently use any Roche diabetes products, nor were we given any free diabetes products from Roche. Please read the D-Mom Blog disclosure statement for more information.

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