Get Cooking: Schwan’s Delivery

by Leighann on June 25, 2010

We recently moved across town. Literally the day we took possession of the new house within hours the doorbell rang. I had no idea who could possibly be at the door so soon.

It was the Schwan’s delivery guy. He said the previous owner’s (who he called by first name) ordered from him and offered a catalog. He didn’t give a high pressure sales pitch, but the catalog included a Post-it note with his phone number and e-mail.

Our new house has an attached garage and we fully intend to actually use our upright freezer that largely sat empty at our old house. Also, the refrigerator at the new house is a side-by-side, which probably has the same cubic volume, but seems small to us.

I almost tossed the catalog in the recycling pile, but then I decided to flip through it quickly on the way to the bin.

To my surprise and delight the product descriptions include carb counts!

Yes, I wish I could say that we cook all meals. From scratch. But the reality is that we both work and the kids have activities, and well, we try to have a life. So meals that are quick to prepare using minimal steps are great for weeknights. And let’s face it, we’ve about had our fill of frozen pizzas, no matter how good they are.

At first glance I am balking at the prices of some items. But if I take the time to compare a weeknight fast food meal to dinner from our freezer, delivered right to our door. Well, I may just give it a try.

I like that there are lots of seafood options (we eschew all meat except fish and seafood) and even a few vegetarian items. And they offer all sorts of fruits, veggies, and, of course, ice cream.

That I can see the cost per serving and carb counts right in their catalog and on their website is really attractive to me.

Have you ever tried Schwan’s delivery? Would you consider it?





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1 Francis Bakan June 25, 2010 at 9:33 am

We used their stuff for a few years. The product is really very good. Their people work like dogs. Trucks are out from early in the morning till very late (10-11PM). We saw several people come and go, mostly because the job leaves no time for much of anything else, and the money, while not bad, is not worth the time required. This results in periods of poor service where you cannot count on them.


2 Amy @ Tiny Blessings June 26, 2010 at 11:04 am

My parents have used their stuff for 15+ years and everything I’ve seen/tasted has been good. They swear their ice cream beats anything in the grocery store. I would use them here, but we’re never home when the guy delivers in our neighborhood, and I know he will keep coming back, but I hate to make him do that for a small order.


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