{A Bit Snarky} Searching For Answers

by Leighann on February 22, 2012

Morning at Panera

I rarely look at my Google Analytics for D-Mom Blog, but I popped over and looked at the search terms that people are using to arrive at D-Mom Blog. Yes, the majority of people are looking for blogs about children with diabetes, snack ideas, and all sorts of diabetes gadgets. But I am amazed at how many people are coming here to look for info about the alcohol swab recall (that was a year ago!) or carb info from Cracker Barrel (good luck with that one) or the Target Cafe (Q loves to eat there when we are on errands).

Some of the searches within the last month made me read twice, chuckle, or scratch my head. Here are a few:

apocalypse and diabetes – We are in fact prepared in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

frog spit ice cream – We get this when we go camping.

waaaah – I don’t know why someone would search for that, but if you do, you’ll find my Ninjabetty.

examples of bad manners – Yikes, I always thought I had pretty good manners. But here’s someone across the pond who most certainly doesn’t.

raise your glass beep – I swear I ask Q if she’s beeping every time I hear this song in the car.

sugar free honey ingredients – Ick. There are no real ingredients in sugar free honey.

apple slices at mcdonalds good for you? AND are mcdonalds apple slices real AND fast food apples aren’t really apples – As far as I know, yes they are real, and yes, they are better for you than anything else you’ll find on the menu. But we did have a problem with them one time.

carbs in one cup flour – Lots of people want to know the carb count in flour. It’s 95 grams of carbs per cup. Here are some more carb counts of baking ingredients.

Cracker Barrel – Seems everyone in America, not just me, wants Cracker Barrel to disclose nutrition information.

do candy canes have carbs – Really? The first ingredient is sugar! But in all seriousness, here’s the deal with candy canes.

should people with diabetes eat cookies AND do people really eat sugar free cookies AND can people with diabetes eat Girl Scout cookies?Absolutely to eating Girl Scout cookies. But why would you waste your carbs on sugar-free cookies? Just because they are sugar-free doesn’t mean they don’t have carbs.

has mary tyler moore lost a limb – Not that I’m aware of, but this is why that search leads you here.

son has 3.4 ketones in blood should we go to er – Why are you searching for answers on the internet? Call your endocrinologist first…then self-diagnose on the internet.

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