{Diabetes} Recaps!

by Leighann on June 21, 2011

Forest Tweet

We’ve been camping and I was without internet access for several days, gah!

I wanted to highlight a few items in case you missed them:

Artificial Pancreas Draft Guidance was submitted for the artificial pancreas. I haven’t slogged through the document yet. But you can read it for yourself.

06/22/11 The Content of Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) and Premarket Approval (PMA) Applications for Low Glucose Suspend (LGS) Device Systems (Draft Guidance, document number 1759, electronic comments)

06/20/11 FDA issues draft guidance for early version of an artificial pancreas system (press release)

You Can Do This Project If you haven’t already begun viewing the videos that the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) are submitting for this project, you need to start! There are some great ones. Our video has a somewhat different take that I hope is fun and uplifting. Read about the project.

Savings on Novolog Oh yes I did. I totally saved $50 off of our Novolog prescription last week. Find out how.

The 504 Plan I’ve had many requests for info about 504 Plans recently. I’ll have some more back-to-school posts as fall nears, but in the meantime, you can read about what’s in our 504 Plan.

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