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by Leighann on June 10, 2011

Good Humor Truck

Since we have to drive 180 miles each way to the endocrinologist, we try to add a little fun into the trip. At this point Q thinks of these visits as mini vacations, not a dreaded appointment, and I want to keep it that way.

For the most recent visit, we drove back and forth in one day. (Sometimes we stay the night.) We got out of the house super early so that we could go to the zoo before getting to the 2:30 pm appointment.

It was a hot day and Q asked for ice cream a few times. I kept telling her “maybe later” thinking that we might have some at snack time.

Well, time got away from us and before we knew it we needed to hop on the train to take us back to the entrance where we parked. Q asked for ice cream before boarding but we saw the train coming so we ran to hop on.

During the ride I checked her blood sugar.


And what does Q say to me? “See, mom. You should have let me have that ice cream.”

I wanted to say “smartass,” but held my breath, lol!

I asked if she needed a juice right now or if she wanted to hold out another couple of minutes for ice cream. I knew there was an ice cream stand at the train station we were approaching.

She wanted that ice cream!

There were half a dozen choices and which one did she choose?

Frog SpitFrog Spit.

And wouldn’t you know it had 18 carbs.

(Some of the other ice creams available were in the 40 carb range.)

Brought her up nicely and we even made it to the endo in time.

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Ice cream truck image courtesy Good Humor.

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1 Denise aka Mom of Bean June 10, 2011 at 2:10 pm

Frog Spit is perfect for a low…who knew! 😉
Glad it worked in Q’s favor…and I totally wouldn’t have been able to hold my breath with Bean!


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