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by Leighann on November 7, 2013

Q’s girl scout troop was in charge of a fun night at her school and the girls stayed after school to decorate and set up. They ate a quick early dinner, did about 10 minutes of homework, and then each had a one-hour shift running the stations.

While Q was at the “fishing” game, she told me that her CGM had alarmed and that she definitely felt low. Her CGM showed a number in the 60’s or 70’s with double arrows down, meaning that she was tanking quickly.

Instead of looking for her supply bag to forage for a juice box or glucose tablets, I headed straight to the snack table where I remembered seeing a bowl of Smarties.

I grabbed three rolls and headed to the fishing game where I tossed them at Q and told her to eat them all. (Normally she would start with two rolls.)

Most kids at the party were eating the Smarties as candy, but for us they are medicine.

Halloween Party Smarties


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