Something Stinks

by Leighann on November 7, 2010

An onion has many layers, but let’s face it, this Onion just stinks.

The Onion, which is known for it’s satire, has crossed the line. A November 5, 2010 post filed under their sports section, is meant to make fun of Jay Cutler, but instead adds insult to injury.

Quoted from The Onion:

Group Of Kids With Diabetes All Die One Day After Visit From Jay Cutler

“Less than 24 hours after a visit from Bears quarterback and Type 1 diabetes sufferer Jay Cutler, a group of 32 schoolchildren who shared his disease died Tuesday.”

The author obviously does not have a child with diabetes. Does not fret every minute of the day that their child is safe.

The author doesn’t have a moment each morning that their child with diabetes sleeps a few minutes extra that the reason they haven’t awoken is because they can’t.

Seriously. Is there a parent of a child with diabetes that hasn’t thought at least once: “God, I hope my child is still alive.”

I feel The Onion needs not only to take down this post immediately, but also needs to issue an apology for the insensitivity.

I blame the writer. I blame the editor who allowed it to stand. And I blame the company as a whole for going where us parents never want to go: seeing a child with diabetes die for no apparent reason.

I did not see a place to comment on the post, but please let The Onion know that you are outraged by e-mailing ( or tweeting (@TheOnion).

I hate to give them page hits, but to read the entire ridiculous article, I’m afraid you’ll have to click over as I respect their copyright and won’t reprint the entire article.

As parents of children with diabetes, should we be offended and outraged by this? Or should we “learn to take a joke” as some people might say?

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