Spare a Rose, Save a Child

by Leighann on February 10, 2013

Life For A ChildThis Valentine’s Day, my fellow Diabetes Advocates are asking those touched by diabetes to consider giving one less rose in that bouquet and instead give that money to Life for a Child, which is an International Diabetes Federation program.

“Our idea was to take the typical ‘dozen roses,’ so popular on Valentine’s Day, and save just one rose to spare the life of a child. ‘Spare a Rose, Save a Child’ is simple: buy one less rose this Valentine’s Day and share the value of that flower with a child with diabetes in the developing world. Your loved one at home still gets flowers and you both show some love to someone across the world who needs it.”


Between February 10-16, visit the Life For a Child website to make a contribution. Even $1 can help a child with diabetes in a developing nation.

From the IDF Website

Donations to the IDF Life for a Child Programme are carefully directed to key areas of diabetes care and management so that established paediatric diabetes centres and associations can provide the best possible care, given local circumstances, to all children and youth with diabetes in developing countries.

Just $1 a day provides a child with:

  • regular insulin
  • quality blood glucose monitoring equipment (meter, strips, lancets)
  • essential clinical care
  • up-to-date diabetes education materials
  • specialised diabetes training for medical staff

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1 Manny Hernandez February 15, 2013 at 11:36 am

THANK YOU SO much for joining this effort!!! I am so proud of what the Diabetes Online Community can accomplish, when we get together!


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