{Diabetes Awareness Month} Special Sib of a D-Kid Day

by Leighann on November 28, 2012


In honor of “Special Sib of a D-Kid Day” I asked each child a question.

(To R, Q’s little brother) What can you tell me about diabetes?

Blood comes out of your finger.

When you have low blood sugar you eat snacks with lots of sugar.

If it’s breakfast time we have to check Q’s blood sugar.

I don’t like being tested about my blood sugar.

I asked Q about her brother:

He’s adorable.

He goes crazy for Thomas.

He’s funny.

He’s too scared to check his blood sugar with my meter even though I tell him it’s fine. (She said that one not knowing what he said above.)

He loves his Lenny stuffed animal.

Helping Hands

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